Our in-house textile laboratory gives us the opportunity to rigorously test all fabric developments, bulk fabrics as well as finished garments. This advantage allows RGS to closely monitor and ensure that all of our customer’s requirements are fully met.

In order to contend with the rapid advances in textile technology, top priority is given to provide our staff with the newest tools and skills in the textile industry. Our staff undergoes continuous training in machinery, development and all general processes.

The Heads of our laboratories are all senior members of AATCC. Their expertise in this area ensures that all laboratory processes are performed according to AATCC and ASTM international standards:

Dimensional stability: (AATCC 135/150)
• Twisting (AATCC 179)
• Shrinkage after 3 washes.

Colorfastness to:
• Laundering(AATCC 61)
• Crocking : wet and dry (AATCC 8)
• Water:(AATCC 107)
• Chlorine bleach: (AATCC 61-5A)
• Non chlorine bleach (AATCC 172)
• Perspiration (AATCC 15)

Bursting strength (ASTM D-3786)

PH Value test (AATCC 81)

Fabric Construction quality
• Fabric Weight (ASTM D3776)
• Thread Count (ASTM D3887)