Community Action
Code of Conduct
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Compliance Monitoring
Good Practices in Human Resources

At RGS, our commitment to the well-being of our employees, community and environment, as well as our promise to conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical manner, remains an integral component in guiding our business strategy. We work hard to understand the complex issues that confront our industry, as well as how we can make a significant improvement in the lives of our employees and their families.

We have internalized the principle of social responsibility to the core of each and every individual at RGS. We incorporated a social compliance department, responsible for supporting our factories’ compliance with the human rights standards of our clients, but it was not until we decided to internalize the social responsibility principles that we truly understood how enriching this understanding and experience can be for our factories, our community and our company.

We are constantly implementing specific action plans within the community, as well as working closely with our factories, in order to maintain mutually beneficial relationships. These relationships help RGS to improve the quality of life for everyone involved.