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RGS understands that quality assurance should not be considered an independent process, but a constituent part of each and every aspect of production. Quality Assurance and On-Time Delivery cannot be disjoined, as they are complementary elements of the service that our clients expect .

RGS not only monitors production at its partner factories, but also shares responsibility for the smooth flow of all production processes. Integrating its multidisciplinary training, our Process Control Team is able to deal with any technical, production and quality issues that may arise. Following this approach, our staff has been transformed into a strategic ally for our factories, supporting them with expertise, and guiding their operations to meet our clients’ standards.

Our own standards:

• Quality final audit sampling plan: Based on MIL std 105

• Quality Final Audit standard: (AQL 2.5) acceptance of defects below 4%

• inal Packing audit sampling plan:
20% of boxes to be shipped

• Final Packing audit standard:
Acceptance of defects 0%