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Here at RGS, the tracking process begins upon receipt of a purchase order. Our costumer service staff is able to provide our clients with detailed information on the status of their orders at any preproduction or production stage.

The expertise of our staff, together with our strategic alliances with well-known freight forwarders, enable us to offer a full range of logistic solutions, e.g. flexibility of carriers,delivery time, large-volume leverage and more shipping options for optimum timing.

Inside our tracking process, there are multiple steps aligned with our clients’ logistic and sourcing operations to ensure the adequate monitoring of orders while in transit. RGS-Operations is responsible for providing information about an order’s delivery, sending all the export documentation to client and ensuring regulatory compliance. RGS-Shipment Tracking assumes responsibility of the tracking process upon shipment from the country of origin, coordinating directly with our clients at the final stages to ensure a fast, safe and on delivery.