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Our Strategic Objectives:RGS' principal strength is based on its organizational skills and the multidisciplinary qualifications of its staff.

The Balanced Scorecard is the strategic approach and performance management system that RGS uses to connect its vision/mission with the strategy of the company. This management tool enables us to deploy our objectives into the four perspectives of a cause-effect relationship:

Financial: Providing corporate financial data permits our management to know to what extent our financial objectives are being met.

Customer: Knowing that our customers' satisfaction is closely connected to our processes and staff performance, we carefully monitor our customer satisfaction indicators in order to forecast future scenarios and adjust our pre-production, production and human resources processes.

Processes: RGS has re-designed its processes in order to conform to our customers’ requirements. Metrics on different production and Pre-Production steps allow us to maintain the cycle of constant improvement, taking specific actions to adjust our processes.

Learning and Growth:This includes both RGS' corporate and our employees' self improvement, adopting a continuous learning approach. For this purpose, our Human Resources area has aligned its processes to maintain the coherence with RGS' strategy